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Yes ! I saw  Supercopter's brother in France at Toussus Le Noble !!! :-)              Do i want to make a tour in a Bell 222 ? I don't know..., of course I do !!! 


The Bell 222 is probalbly one the most handsome helicopter in the French register...!                         The Alpha November landing at Toussus Le Noble.          



In the 222's cockpit with the famous                                                                                        Just after the landing...                      

       Jean- Claude " Spring Fellow Hawk " Pruniaux.;-)                                                             what about a Bell 430 in the French register... ?                    

Many thanks goes to Jean-Claude for this unforgetable day !!!

Photos and copyrights Emmanuel Person

Bell 222 A s/n: 47040 built:1980

s/n History:   N1085G, SE-HSF, F-WYMA, F-WKHS/ F-GKHS, F-WQAA,  F-WKHS, SE-HSF, N......




F-GVAN will be regitred in November :-(



Remarks: Jean-Claude rulz !!!

Based at Toussus Le Noble

The first Bell 222 in the French register.

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